le petit bain

restaurant - AYGUADE beach


Le Petit Bain : Back into the Game

Story by MAry

Story by Marie - Le Petit Bain

Marie MAESTRACCI Barbieri
History of receiving & way of seeing

Marie is a demanding restaurant manager. But she is best known for her art of receiving and seeing things! She is always positive and welcomes you as a member of her family!
She is a professional recognized by her fathers who qualify her as the Queen of the Night!

Curious, intuitive and visionary, she is often copied. I went to see Marie one day to try to find out more: “I don’t understand what your secret is. It’s not possible to always be positive like you are, everywhere, all the time. How do you you?”
And Marie replies: “Every morning when I wake up, I tell myself that today, either I choose to be in a good mood, or else I choose to be gloomy all day. So I always choose to “Being in a good mood. When something bad happens, I either choose to be the victim or I choose to learn from it.”

But it’s not always easy, I tell him.
And Marie continues: “Life is a matter of choice. We choose how we react to the circumstances of life. We choose to live our life in the way that suits us.”
You always have a choice of your thoughts and your attitude.
Whether the glass is half empty or half full is up to you.
As for the rest, it doesn’t change anything.
You have no control over events, over the reaction of people, over the hurtful words of others towards you.
You have no control over your past or the future. You have no control over the unfortunate events in your life.
On the other hand, you have control over your attitude.

With such strength, we understand why we want to come and party at her place and with her.

To be continued ….